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Financial Analysis

Comprehensive Financial Analysis

What makes this our most popular service is the absolute attention to detail as well as the great amount of customer service given once enrolled.

Our financial specialist will ask a series of questions that will give him or her a detailed view of your financial situation. (This is a rather lengthy interview so please be prepared and several follow up calls may be required)

These questions will not only include what is happening with your finances now but will anticipate your future financial plans as well.

Once this detailed report is completed you have the option to receive it via email or access here on this website. (You will be supplied a login and password to do so.)

‚ÄčDepending on the results, you can opt to utilize a Debt Consolidation, Debt Management, Debt Settlement Plan or Bankruptcy to solve you current financial problems as well as start making plans for the future.

No matter which of the plans you choose, we will assist you in finding the absolute best company to work with. (This recommendation will factor in the state you reside in as well as your creditors)

‚ÄčThe fee for our comprehensive financial analysis starts at $999. and will be determined prior to enrollment.

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