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Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement is basically a program of compromise, offered to those who cannot consider any  other option and truly want to avoid bankruptcy

The compromise is you are going to pay back part of the debt, not the entire amount.

A repayment plan will be structured and a negotiation process between your creditors and your attorney will also be set up.

This program is designed to have you debt free in as little as 12 to 36 months and get a fresh start. (Larger debt amounts may take 48 to 60 months).

This program does have its consequences, albeit nothing like Bankruptcy.

You will have difficulty obtaining new credit for as long as you are in the program and for sometime after you have completed the program.

It will have a negative impact on your credit score and in some instances you may face legal proceedings from your creditor.

The better programs will afford you legal protection in the event this occurs.

There are no guarantees of course but having an attorney next to you is better than not having one.

As indicated this is a program for those who want to avoid bankruptcy and all the consequences that come with it as well as try and at least pay back some of what was borrowed.

A lot of companies will sell you the idea they are a Debt Consolidation company when in fact they are not. They will also bill themselves as a Debt Management company and again, they are not. So the first thing you have to ask yourselves is why are they misleading you? Give us a call, we do not mislead people. We do not over promise and under deliver. We do give 100% honesty.

If you would like to know if a Debt Settlement program is in your best interest and will work for you, please fill out our contact form and one of our credit counselors will contact you as soon as possible. Or simply call us at 866-881-8125 

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